Watch this replay with Sara Dalrymple as she helps you to discover your authentic sales style, overcome your fear of selling and find a way to sell that you CAN get on board with.

Say goodbye to feeling awkward about selling or looking sleazy and just get on with filling your business with clients who are delighted to be there without force or push!

You will learn:

  • Why selling feels so unnatural right now and how to side step the sleaze once and for all.
  • Why now is a REALLY GREAT time to revisit your approach to sales
  • The three common blunders that stop you from selling well (and how to avoid them)
  • The dos and don’ts of authentic selling

You will leave with:

6 gamechanging actions you can take right now that take you straight to the part where you are winning the enthusiasm of dream clients, all of whom are genuinely excited to work with you (without you having to spam them with hundreds of emails or beg)

This is for you if:

  • You haven’t yet found your ease with selling but you would like to, and are looking for someone to guide you through the steps to make it happen
  • You resent the notion that you should do things that don’t feel like “you” to get sales – a lot of what you see doesn’t feel like a good fit for your value-led business, but you haven’t yet found an alternative
  • Being integrity led and authentic are non-negotiables for you and you don’t just want any clients, you want the RIGHT clients (the ones that bring you all the feel-good vibes!

Listen to the audio file of this session here.

Sara Dalrymple

Sara is a sales and visibility expert for creative business owners who want to generate more leads and sales in a way that makes them feel confident, excited and in control of their sales strategy.

In 2013 after a decade working in corporate sales she swapped the City for entrepreneurship and set up her successful people photography business. Sara has since helped hundreds of business owners find their camera-confidence and become more visible online through her feel-good headshots.

Through this work she noticed a real lack of confidence around selling in the creative space and the huge effect this has on leads and growth. Talented and incredible founders are going unnoticed, unbooked and unrewarded because they don’t know how to make selling work for them. Sara is on a mission to change that.


You can find out more about Sarah and her business here:

Website | LinkedIn | Instagram

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