Value #1: We Must Learn To Enjoy The Process

by | Oct 24, 2018 | Wellbeing

In this blog series, we’re deep-diving into the Found & Flourish values, exploring why they’re important and how we can each aim to incoporate them into our mindset as entrepreneurs.

Value #1: We must learn to enjoy the process

In life, there is no end-game. All we have is the present moment and how we choose to use it. It is crucial that whatever businesses we endeavour to create, we surrender to embracing the process, rather than viewing it as a means to an end. We aspire to be light to lift and not take it all too seriously.


I’m Faking It ‘Til I Make It.

Enjoying the process of building a business is something that, quite frankly, I’m terrible at! It doesn’t come naturally to me whatsoever. I’m impatient, I’m obsessed with betterment and the future. As soon as I have a vision for a brand or project, I’m uncomfortable in the progression phase. I want to reach the end, I want the idea to have become fully formed and do itself justice.

Who’s with me?! (And what on earth is the end? An exit strategy? Retirement?)

I know I’m not alone and I know this is an unhealthy way to live. When we’re in a rush, we miss the essence of life. Life manifests as a series of present moments, and when we’re ignoring them to focus on a vision that exists only in our minds, we miss out on what’s important.

The Ambition Dichotomy

The traits that make us effective in our careers and work – drive, ambition and vision – are what can make us unhappy with our day to day reality. How can we find joy in the everyday, whilst striving for change and improvement?

This is a dichotomy that I’ve been grappling with for a while now. The desire for development is an inherently human condition, and one that we should celebrate. This is why we invent new technology, progress in healthcare and continue to fight for human rights.

Learning to sit in the uncomfortable, and then ultimately embrace it, is the only way to enjoy the process of any endeavour. Every business will go through a lifecycle at it’s own pace. As humans, we cannot skip ahead to adulthood, having missed the teenage years. Each stage of experience is the foundation layer for the next.

The Significance Factor

Finding your flow, creating a business that you’re passionate about, can actually make enjoying the process a lot harder. Once you have a clear mission, there’s a whole lot more pressure on what you’re working towards.

Once we are driven to solve a problem, we want it solved now! The process is suddenly incredibly frustrating, it’s time wasted where the problem still exists. This frustration is much stronger when we’re dedicated to our work.

It is crucial to remember that great work is simply a series of small steps in a particular direction. Dedicate yourself to each tiny step along the way, embrace each moment and revel in the fact that every day, you’re becoming closer to where you want to be.

Be Fiercely Present

A focus on the present doesn’t have to be passive, like many of us believe. We may have experienced presence through meditation and breathing techniques, where there is a focus on relaxation and letting go.

But presence can also be an incredibly active state of mind. Eckhart Tolle encourages us to be fiercely present, to seek the depth in every moment. From this state of mind, action is driven through intention, rather than our subconcious or through distraction.

Accepting the present moment puts us in tune with our surroundings. Opportunities will come our way because we’re ready to receive them. When we’re open-minded, attentive and curious, we will spot opportunities that otherwise we’d be blind to.

Why We Must Learn To Enjoy The Process

If we don’t enjoy the process of building and growing our businesses, we will hate the process! And then what’s the point? We’ll live in a state of stress caused by a constant gap between reality and expectation.

When Lara and I were navigating our values for Found & Flourish, learning to enjoy the process was an aspiration for me and not something that I naturally inhibit. It’s a daily commitment rather than an inherent attitude.

But that’s ok. Often you have to choose a behaviour or attitude, it doesn’t always choose you! Once you choose an action, and behave accordingly over time, it becomes a habit. Then that habit becomes who you are.

The Found & Flourish values are a daily reminder to me of what is important and not to get caught up in all the noise, pressure and expectations that we internalise from outside. What are the values you place at the heart of your business? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

You can read more about our values and mission here.


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