Let me give you three fun facts about myself; I’m probably the only person who never wanted lockdown to end,  I’d never heard of zoom before the Covid-19 pandemic and my favourite new word that has come to my attention in the last 3 months is PIVOT!

My name is Kate, and I am the founder of Virtually Together, a hub for activities and entertainment which people can book for virtual celebrations and occasions. We have every activity you could ever dream of, including virtual wine tasting, escape rooms, virtual magic shows, cooking classes, life drawing, mindfulness workshops and more!

Interestingly, Virtually Together is a birth child of lockdown, completely relies on Zoom to host all virtual activities and is the product of a swift business pivot that I made. Who’d have thought! And, I hope it is here to stay.

Virtually Together’s primary aim is to bring joy to people’s lives and keep them socially connected during periods of isolation.  It has been such a pleasure to bring such happiness to people and open up their eyes to the possibility of having a social life online. This started with connecting friends and family for birthday celebrations, anniversaries, hen parties or general friendship group catch ups. Now, we are seeing a shift towards corporate bookings for team socials, team building, incentive rewards, client entertainment, office virtual parties and virtual conferences.

With YouGov statistics showing 53% of people are working from home, and big corporate giants such as Apple, Google and Facebook all telling their employees that they wont be expected back in the office for the rest of 2020, the ‘remote’ ‘working from home’ ‘agile working’ looks like it will form part of our new normality. Therefore it is increasingly important to keep teams connected and motivated and to feel part of a united mission.

How can you do this?


Set up regular virtual socials

As we’ve seemingly lost the all-important natter by the water cooler, it’s nice to give people a chance for some down time where they are on a call that isn’t work related.

Why not host a weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly team social?

Our most popular team social activities include:

  • Virtual Magic Show – a fully immersive and interactive Magic Show that will leave you feeling completely bedazzled!
  • Dabbers Bingo – With lots of prizes up for grabs, get your competitive streak out and get the whole family involved!
  • Drink & Draw – a life drawing class where you learn how to draw facial features (you might even get a chance to draw the boss!) plus 3 glasses of wine to help get those creative juices flowing


Incentivise and reward your team after success

If you’ve got a big target coming up that you need your team to hit, why not incentive them with a Virtually Together activity? Let them choose what they would want to all do together if they hit the target.

It does tend to be the more boozy options which are chosen!

We did a fab incentive with a client recently whereby the Marketing team won the incentive and then got to do a virtual wine tasting as their reward!

We have also hosted many Gin Tastings and Cocktail Masterclasses for client entertainment which has gone down a treat, particularly in the law, banking and insurance sectors!


Turn previously planned celebrations into virtual celebrations 

Pivot your celebration plans! Maybe you were meant to be going to Croatia on a work conference this summer and it’s been cancelled – a complete disaster and nightmare I know – but don’t let the moment pass without acknowledging it with a different type of celebration! Why not host a virtual summer party?

Our most popular summer party entertainment options include:

  • Comedian – Why not hire a comedian to kick star the event. It’s a great way to relax the crowd and get them excited about the entertainment ahead! We also have comedians who double up as hosts, so if this is of interest let us know!
  • Live Saxophonist – Nothing screams summer party like a Saxophonist playing along to some absolute summer tunes. You can almost feel yourself being transported to a Beach Club in Ibiza
  • Live DJ Set – The most popular option for the ‘after party’ where everyone can have a dance and turn their living rooms into a club type vibe!
  • Drinks packages – We offer a huge array of drinks tastings, including wine tasting, beer tasting, cocktail masterclasses and gin tasting. We also can send little alcohol packs too if you want your employees to have a few drinks whilst enjoying the party


Have regular mindfulness moments

We are all still adjusting to ‘the new normal’ so take some time to check in and make sure your team are okay. Sometimes a mindfulness session is a great way to do this by giving your team a virtual platform where they can express themselves or learn tools and techniques to live in their new remote working environment.  We have quick 20-40 minute group workshops including;

  • Speedy Stress Relief – where you get to shake out any tension, shrug your shoulders, let go of your worries and feel lighter from laughing.
  • Keeping Agile Whilst Working – Protect your back, neck, wrists and hands from the pain of poor posture after long hours at your laptop. Learn and practice gentle movements to release tension, recharge your energy and sharpen your mind.
  • Lockdown DIY Massage Techniques – Learn easy, effective techniques to become your very own chilled out masseuse whilst you’re working from home and throughout the whole of your life!
  • Meditation – We also have powerful meditation workshops which are a great way to relax your mind.

    If you would like Virtually Together to help plan your next virtual celebration, please get in touch and ask for Kate 😊

    Find me at:

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    kate healy

    kate healy

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    Kate Healy is the founder of Virtually Together, a hub for activities and entertainment for virtual events, celebrations and occasions.

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