We exist to provide community, connection and knowledge for women entrepreneurs and those who aspire to start companies and build projects. Founding and running a business is both a tough gig and a lonely one. Found & Flourish exists to help female founders stay sane, learn valuable insights and join an ambitious, empowering network.


We’re on a mission to close the opportunity gap for female entrepreneurs, so that women are empowered to create and grow incredible businesses.


Our vision is a world where more women have the confidence, knowledge and network to launch successful businesses in a way that is authentic to their own values and is designed around their ideal lifestyle. We see a world where there is less oppression of feminity, creativity and individuality in business, and where we’re all empowered to make more conscious decisions about our careers, passions and methods of generating income.


1. We must learn to enjoy the process

In life, there is no end-game. All we have is the present moment and how we choose to use it. It is crucial that whatever businesses we endeavour to create, we surrender to embracing the process, rather than viewing it as a means to an end. We aspire to be light to lift and not take it all too seriously. Read more.

2. The workplace is changing

The concept of 9 to 5 work schedules is outdated. Our lives and careers are becoming intrinsically linked and boundaries are blurred. Technology has irreversibly changed the workplace, but we need to make it work for us rather than take us hostage. 

3. We’re all winging it

Nobody was born with an innate ability to pitch for investment or deliver a content marketing strategy. We’re all a culmination of our experiences, influences and knowledge gathered throughout our lives. We must not be intimidated by others or let our fears block the road ahead.

4. There is a place for femininity in business

The next phase of female empowerment in business requires us to be loyal to our strengths, authentic in our approach and not to simply emanate existing power structures. We must stay true to ourselves, be sharp on our value and resist the urge to simply “fit in”.

5. It is entirely possible to manifest your business idea into a profitable reality

You simply need to be armed with the right knowledge, the right connections and the right mindset.

6. Connection and community are incredibly powerful

Entrepreneurship can be an incredibly lonely existence, but you are not alone. By coming together, we eliminate loneliness, stir creativity and foster incredible friendships.

7. We are capable of more than we think

Whatever you think you can do, there’s more within you. Growth is found at the edge of our comfort zones and you will always surprise yourself with your resiliency, aptitude and energy.

8. Comparison and expectation is the root of unhappiness

The path to a successful business won’t look remotely like you’d planned, and nothing like anybody else’s! Do not tie yourself closely to expectations within particular timeframes or compare yourself to others, this will only create a very unhappy existence.

9. You are not an island

You do not need to have all the answers, all the skills, all the connections and do all the work. Surround yourself with great people and ask them for help. Give help willingly and openly.

10. Choose the adventure

It is better to have risked, failed and lived than to play safe and never know. Choose the adventure, you’ll never regret it.

11. Ideas change the world

If you can imagine a better future, then create it. Everyone has the power to change the world with a great idea that’s an alternative to the status quo.

12. Wellbeing is essential to success

Burnout, overwhelm and stress will ruin your business if you allow it. Wellbeing is absolutely essential for your creativity and productivity. Look after yourself, first and foremost.