If you say “I am just not good with technology” or “I don’t understand technology” you are more likely to burn-out, limit your business growth or lead it to failure. Here’s why:


  • Without strategic online presence and website set-up, your clients will not be able to find you online.
  • After not getting enough (or any) business you will start questioning your own expertise, when in reality you are simply invisible online and your potential clients can’t find you. 
  • You’ll waste money for unnecessary business tools or hiring help when you really don’t need to. 
  • You’ll work long hours and spend time on business admin, when it can be automated, so you can focus your time and energy on what makes money. 

When growing an online business or business presence online, understanding digital technology is essential. The past 14 months have shown that having the right digital infrastructure and presence online can determine the life or death of a business. Yet, I work with so many smart founders-to-be and mildly-seasoned entrepreneurs who say to me: “I’m just not good with technology” or “I don’t understand technology”. 


Most people assume that technology is complicated, when in reality it is not. Often technology might seem complicated when you have very little or no experience in using digital technology and tools. 

Now it’s easier than ever to use the technology and digital tools to build and grow businesses. 

Yet a mind that doesn’t understand something, thinks it’s complicated and projects what it believes in creating a limiting perception.  When you repeat the thought “I am just not good with technology” or “I don’t understand technology” over and over again, it becomes automatic thought, essentially becoming the truth to you, something you believe in without questioning it. When you think technology and the digital world is complicated, you feel overwhelmed and when you feel overwhelmed, what do you do? You don’t take action, procrastinate or do something else… and in addition, you probably beat yourself up. 


No one on this planet is born understanding technology. Like any other skill, it needs to be developed. As adults our primary way of developing new skills is through repetition. The more you practice, the better you become. Simple as that. Anyone, and everyone can learn. It’s all about practice. 


Actually, it is only expected to feel resistance when learning something new and feel more tired. This only shows your brain is doing its job properly. Learning new skills requires developing new neural pathways in your brain, allowing you to develop complex behaviours such as reading, driving, cycling.  Creating new neural pathways demands your brain to consume more energy. That’s why it feels like your brain hurts and you feel more tired than usual until you become more comfortable using new skills. According to neuroscience, it takes 21 days to build a new neural pathway when the action is performed on a daily basis. And 3-6 months for new behaviour (skill) to become automatic and feel natural.  So, if you are learning how to build your own website and it just feels like you don’t know what you’re doing. Please remind yourself that you are learning a new skill and it’s only the matter of time and practice until you will become a pro. Most people quit, before they even start learning. 


Before launching the Inga Pakalniskyte Coaching, I was a co-owner of Salon Evolution Group, a Business Development & Marketing company working with High End Luxury Salon in the UK. My primary role in the company was to look after all aspects of the back-end processes and technology of the business. After implementing the right digital tools to automate time consuming tasks, we were able to cut our staffing cost by £50K in one year and increase the sales revenue by introducing instalments as a payment option for our B2C clients.  I’m not a developer, and I have no formal training in tech, but I became a pro anyway. Same as you can and need to master tech to become unstoppable. 


How often do you use your smartphone to pay for services or products? Order your groceries online? Search for information on Google or Youtube? I bet every single day.
Also, do you leave websites if they are difficult to navigate, check-out process is too long or the graphics are outdated? Notice your own behaviour today. 

Technology is here, and those who win, are using the power of technology. If you are reading this today, I know you have big dreams and ambitions, so you need to trash the thought “I am just not good with technology” straight to the bin. It doesn’t serve you.


If you are just starting out, you may say: “Inga, that sounds good, but right now all I want is to get paying clients and I don’t need fancy tools. I have my website, social media and that’s all. I will hire someone to do the work for me, when I am making money.” Let me tell you why thinking this way can trap you and limit your business growth:

  • Your website is not just a website. It’s a business tool designed to communicate with your potential clients, market your business, generate revenue, streamline customer service and business operations, generate leads, read data and more.  You need to learn how to use those tools to be smart & strategic to generate business. 
  • Digital tools are there to make your life & business easier, more productive and effective. There is not such a thing as “fancy tools” and most importantly, most tools are not as expensive as you think. 
  • Choosing the cheapest web-building platform without looking into what functions it needs to perform to support your business model.  This will limit your business growth and potential, creating a whole host of problems down the road leading to getting more tools that don’t communicate with one another and spending more money. 
  • In the beginning  it’s worth investing a little more than what you think you can afford for the right web-builder platform and digital tools. Building a strong foundation for your business is essential to win in the long-run. The right tools can help you generate more business right now and run your business on autopilot. 
  • After understanding your business operations and what exactly it is you need, you then can make smart and educated decisions on hiring your team members. If you don’t know what you’re doing or how things should be done, how can you delegate to your employees to deliver on the level they need to? 

You can’t grow a successful business online without having the basic knowledge and the right fundamentals to grow a business. You don’t need to know how to write code, but you do need to know how to use the power of technology to empower business. You have a responsibility towards yourself, your business and your clients to serve at the highest level. It’s time to ask more of yourself. Become unstoppable by replacing the thoughts “I am just not good with technology” or “I don’t understand technology” by “It is easy for me to learn technology and it’s only a matter of time & practice until I will become a pro. ”.

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Inga Pakalniskyte is a Life & Business Coach helping want-to-be founders, mildly and well-seasoned entrepreneurs start, grow & scale businesses. She is a host of The Mindset School Podcast bringing weekly insights and reaching thousands of people around the world. Her personal experience in running 3 businesses, being tech-savvy and having lived in 5 different countries over the past 13 years enables her to bring a unique approach as a Life & Business Coach.

You can find out more about Inga and her business here.


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