Technology is amazing for businesses. It allows us to do things that wouldn’t have been possible 10 years ago, start businesses that wouldn’t have existed (or even been dreamt of!) 20 years ago. For a lot of entrepreneurs, it has allowed them a way into the business world to be able to carry out their dreams.

But did you know that the average adult will spend 34 years in their lifetime looking at screens – and that they think less than half of that time is productive?! When screens are used as time to switch off it doesn’t need to be productive – but what about for your business? Do you think you are making the most of the technology available? What if there were ways to reduce that 34 years of screen time?!

Entrepreneurs are great at what they do. When starting out and for small businesses this often means wearing many hats – manager, product developer, salesperson, bookkeeper etc. Some people are great at everything, but most of us aren’t unfortunately! We need to use resources out there to help us do all the tasks that are required by the business better and more efficiently.

What types of systems are out there to help?

  • Finance/accounting
  • Marketing
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  • Task Management
  • Scheduling

These are just some examples – but most of the time if you want to do something there is a tool made for it!

How do I choose the best systems?

Selecting the right systems for your business should be done based on the business requirements, goals, future plans and budget. Once you have decided which areas of your business could use systems to help, there needs to be a review of the available systems. This is something you can do yourself (although it takes a bit of time and knowledge), you can get recommendations from others, either friends or in a forum, or get an expert to help you.

What’s the benefit of using systems?

Once the right systems are in place for your business – you will start to see immediate improvements and efficiencies. And what’s great about reviewing your processes – is often it drives you to take a more efficient approach in all areas and see what else you can be doing better.

Using some great systems out there, that are mainly free or low cost, to improve the back end processes of your business, will free you up to spend time on the areas of your business that you really love – or even get you away from the screen completely and claim back some of those 34 years!!

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Emily Hatton

Emily Hatton

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Emily Hatton is a remote working expert who specialises in recommending online solutions for small businesses. She helps businesses save time and money by running their operations more effectively.

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