I’m now old enough to remember when LinkedIn first came out at the start of my career. As someone fascinated by meeting new people and making connections quickly and effectively, I’ll hold up my hands and admit this was a bit of a playground for me. The fact I could look up whoever I wanted to (for work, instead of the Facebook stalking back then!) filled me with excitement. Having access to view their job title, which school or uni they went to, and who they were also connected to – all at my fingertips – made my life a trillion times easier when it came to my professional success. 

But for the longest time, LinkedIn was viewed as a subpar and old-fashioned website that one would simply log on to when searching for a new job to do a quick “CV update” and that was that.

Oh, how times have changed. We’ve come a long way since 2010!

The world’s #1 professional site now has more users than ever before. Active usage of the site has increased by 26% this quarter, with ongoing session growth giving the company “record levels of engagement”. With greater opportunity to connect and real-life success stories blooming from this online community, this is one professional pie you’re going to want to get a slice of.

Join Stephanie Melodia, Founder & Director of Bloom – the leading creative marketing agency for entrepreneurs and early-stage startups – for an insightful and practical workshop on how to raise your game on LinkedIn, and get in the Top 1% (as she is!) In partnership with Found & Flourish and Startups Magazine: book your ticket here (spaces limited).

In the upcoming LinkedIn workshop, on 27th May at 1pm BST, Stephanie will guide us through her tried-and-tested strategy for success, proven by other successful entrepreneurs and used as a powerful personal branding tool. Beginning with getting the foundations right, from your mission statement and clear target audience, through to making your profile stand out in the crowd; “beating” the algorithm; content plan; community engagement; optimising your efforts, all whilst implementing time-efficient solutions so that the platform does not take over your life.

Interested to learn more? Catch us over on Instagram for an IG Live, on Weds 20th May at 2pm BST hereSource.


want to be in the top 1% (of linkedin)?


Found & Flourish presents Get in the Top 1% (of LinkedIn) with Stephanie Melodia who is in the Top 1% of both her industry and network on the world’s #1 professional networking site, LinkedIn.

 Join us on Thursday 27th May at 1pm.

JUST £23! 

Stephanie Melodia

Stephanie Melodia

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Stephanie Melodia is the founder of startup marketing agency, Bloom, supporting ambitious entrepreneurs to make their business visions a reality, through practical marketing and beautiful creativity. Work featured in Startups.co.uk, The Independent, and Startups Magazine to name a few. 

Find out more about Stephanie & her business here.


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