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Emily Majury
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Marie Claire


Found partners mush allbright


Absolutely loved working with you wonderful talented ladies. This process enabled me to gain clarity on my offering, and communicate it beautifully. From brand, look, feel, tone, through to clear direction for the next year ahead. And how to develop my business in the way that makes my heart leap for joy. What an amazing group of women. Thank you so much. I feel like I am exactly where I need to be, in order to realise my vision.  I would highly recommend working with these incredible women!

Lauretta Cundy

Business Owner

Not only did I enjoy this workshop, it was highly informative as to how I am communicating with my community and clients.

Jocelyn Chandler-Hawkins

Business Owner

Hands down the best networking thing I’ve been to, full of talented people with loads of advice/support to give. Proof that women don’t have to be arseholes to be successful. Lara, you’re a wonderful human. 

Dawn Kelly

Business Owner

BEST event I have ever been involved with! So well organised and what a brilliant community you have built. Thank you Lara!
Antonia Taylor

PR Expert

The event was not only informative but fun and inspiring. A fantastic friendly group of women and I was made to feel very welcome too which was important as it was my first event. Would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Simone Mahoney

Business Owner

We all love you for taking the time to put these events on. You have such a knack of attracting ladies that are such a positive force!

Sam Jones


Awesome, mind blowing-never knew there were so many options available to fund one’s own business. Also learned the importance of developing confidence and knowledge to make good money decisions which spill into other areas of life.



Sallee had such a great approach to getting us to open up and share our stories. She made it feel easy. I look at myself in a new light now and as a brand coach I learned so much that I can now pass on to my clients too.


Business Owner

I have achieved more in the last week than I have in the last year. This is because your workshop refocused me. I have adopted the ‘1cm approach’ not only with my business but also in my personal life and it’s working. How epic is that!

Egbe Manton

Business Owner

A wonderful event with a great speaker and fabulous host. Came away feeling confident and equipped to put my Learnings into action

Holly St. Clair Moor

Business Owner

Hands down, Found & Flourish is the best women’s meet-up for female founder and business owners. Thanks to Lara for organising and running such a special group!

Laura Lane

Business Owner

What a wonderful discovery just when the world turns upside down with Covid to find this rich collective of amazing women. The content and structure of the online Personal brand Q&A was perfect, so easy to engage with and apply to what a lot of us need right now

Ruth Gaughan


The best networking event I have ever been to! You have built a community of pure magic. If I could buy shares in your events, I would!

Sara Dalrymple

Personal Branding Photographer

I wish I could put into words how much you and the community you’ve built have made a difference to my mental health and business. I can’t thank you enough.

Emma Chittenden

Tech Founder

Welcoming, authentic and genuinely helpful. It feels like everyone is rooting for each other on a F&F event – so uplifting!

Carolyn Cresswell

Business Owner

The class was so welcoming and really helped me to start to shift some of my blocks! I’m feeling so much more like I’m in control of my future within my business!

Laura Wallis

Business Owner

I absolutely love attending events, everyone is so friendly and makes you feel at home and I always come away having learnt something new.


As always this Found and Flourish event was brilliant. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly and you feel like they all want to see you succeed.

Hannah Johnson

Business Owner

I loved the event, a morning spent with inspiring, like-minded women, all on a mission to hone their craft and learn new skills. Lots of inspiration and sharing, I walked away feeling so inspired.

Camilla Smith

Business Owner

What a wonderful inspiring session.  Jam-packed with practical tips and a-ha moments

Bev Costoya

Business Owner

I highly recommend these events to any business women who feels their lacking the support network of a big company. My first event was welcoming, safe and really energising. It was great to be surrounded by like-minded, supportive women!

Danii Kedick