It’s safe to say the last eighteen months have been a roller coaster that have made all of us, in one way or another, reconsider our lives, mental health and approach to working 🎢 With restrictions being lifted in England on Monday (what came to be called ‘Freedom Day’ in a pretty horrible appropriation of black heritage – head over to Nova Reid’s Instagram post to read more on that), it’s no wonder we are feeling all kinds of contradictory emotions 💆🏽

The day after ‘Freedom Day’ we asked you how you felt about it and over 300 of you took part in this survey!

Here are the results 📈 While some of you are excited, others are cautious and scared. While some are ready to leave home behind and focus on meeting friends IRL, others are not ready for physical interactions just yet. There is, surprisingly, no rule book for how we deal with this situation. A (hopefully) once in a lifetime crossroads.



When asked about wearing a mask:

  • 89% said they would continue to wear a mask
  • 11% said they will be walking free

When asked have you started attending events irl:

  • 39% said yes
  • 61% said no

Here’s a snapshot of the results

We hope these stats make you feel less alone and understood in your position. And as long as you are being respectful towards others, your feelings are valid ✨

Any thoughts to add? Feel free to comment below or send us a DM @Foundflourish.

Lara Sheldrake

Lara Sheldrake

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Lara Sheldrake is a business mentor, consultant and Founder at Found & Flourish. Lara writes and speaks on the topics of entrepreneurship, motherhood and social media for business. She also hosts the Bossing It podcast, aimed at empowering the next generation of female founders in the UK.


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