Search engine second only to Google itself

When we are searching for a solution or something we ask our beloved Google, right?

I use Google for my everyday searches or when I need to do a bit of research around a specific topic. After a while during my searches I find myself scrolling through YouTube videos in search for someone that can shed a light on the specific situation.

This doesn’t happen by chance, Google wants you to go on YouTube.

Now, when doing searches, on the top of the Google page you’ll see YouTube videos being listed. This is because apart from cool videos, Google trusts YouTube as a source of truth.

People don’t use it just for entertainment anymore, it is the place to search for educational or inspirational videos. Tutorials, how tos, demos, lectures, talks and much more.

I personally learnt a lot watching educational channels and following inspiring people. 

Consumer behaviour 


Based on research and various statistics, we can definitely say that there is a higher chance of purchase from a consumer, when you have video on your website.

Google says that “80% of shoppers who watched a YouTube video related to a purchase they were planning to make, said they watched in the beginning of their shopping process.”

Watching a video makes it easier for them to quickly realise if they want to buy, but also gives you the chance to explain all the details, show a demo or clarify your offering.

From a customer point of view, finding more information about the product, gives it more credibility. Do you have your services and product videos ready?

Even better, you should have them on YouTube because to see your videos on your website I need to know your brand already, while if I’m searching for something related to your business, I will find you and possibly want to know more about it.

Why would you need to be on YouTube

I already mentioned that your consumers are on YouTube searching for the solution to their problems. This is exactly what we want, as brands we want to be in a place where our buyer persona is actively looking for us. Why? Because that is the moment during which they are more likely to be receptive to our products and services.

So now it’s just a matter to be more likely to come up on searches, right? 

To do that you need as much search engine optimisation (SEO) as you can get.

YouTube becomes now part of your Swiss knife when it comes to this.

Another really good reason for you to be present on YouTube is brand awareness, and by that I mean gaining reliability and trust from who’s watching.

You can start doing this by creating some authority videos, these can be done in any format and the importance here is to convey your thought process and your expertise. 

The aim of these kind of videos is not to sell anything to anyone, but to establish yourself as a credible source of information.

There is always space for more experts voices on YouTube

We now live in an era where it is difficult to be the first one to do something, so don’t let this crowded platform stop you from starting your own journey. There is always space to find your voice. 

If you’re reading this, there is a good chance that you’re a kick-ass woman working on your own business, this in itself is a good reason to go and tell your story. 

One thing that I hear a lot is: “But… there is already someone else doing exactly the same thing…”  Well, let me tell you: you have your own way of putting things in perspective, or seeing things. Everyone is different and every brand should be different.

Even when talking about the same topic you can give it your own spin and gather your crowd. 

Video is a great way to convey this difference, because first of all you are on camera and you can show up with your own personality.

At first it will take some practice, but believe me, it works!

Hopefully by now I’ve managed to convince you of the YouTube powers, so let’s see which steps you could follow to build your channel.

Time to start your YouTube channel

Start from the topic – Find out what people are searching for

There are different tools to understand what people are looking for when it comes to your business,  you can go directly into Google trends and find out what are the most popular  queries. There are also other options like BuzzSumo or SemRush where you can find the most popular topics.

This will help you decide which videos to produce and what to speak about.

Another way if you already have an audience, is to ask them directly what they want to know. Otherwise look through your most asked questions and there you have it!

Create your content production pipeline that doesn’t end just on YouTube

Now it’s time to actually create the content, equipment doesn’t really matter, at first you can start with your phone. Instead, spend a little bit of time understanding how you can exploit the video you will make, to create more content for your other social media channels. 

I know that when you are a team of one or a few, is not easy to cope with the quantity of content that needs to be produced. Starting from creating videos will give you the advantage of using that as the starting point for your content pipeline. 

Take this video and transform it into as many pieces of content as you can.

Rinse and repeat!

Now you should be at a point where you have all of your content ready to be published throughout your social media channels starting from YouTube.

To conclude this, you should add specific keywords when you publish your videos on YouTube so that you have a better chance to rank up in the search results.

Remember to ask your fellow biz sisters for feedback, accountability and even help if you need a push to start with your journey on YouTube. 

Happy video marketing!

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Lucia Desperati

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